Singapore Ant Man & Exquisite Formicarium Artist

Local Singaporean artist, Zat Low, is a successful ant collector who builds formicariums (man-made ant nests) for ants. He believes that one’s philosophy in life can be very much related to these critters. Zat helms a Facebook group, Singapore Ants, which comprises of a community of passionate ant enthusiasts like himself.

His passion has piqued the interests of many, like Nasdaily and CNA while he continues to share his knowledge, bushing misconceptions about ants being pests and bridging relationships between humans and these little companions. With that being said, the Singapore Ants Exhibition allows Zat to showcase his artworks and promote ant knowledge to the public.

“Some people think I’m crazy. They say, “why ants?” But i find ants an enigma to me” explained Mr Zat Low, who remains fascinated by their social behaviour, hierarchy and caste system as well as the similarities between humans and ants.

– Channel News Asia Interview on Zat Low